It is the political season in Warrenton again. Out come the talking points. One of the favorite lines is “I want to help local businesses.” That’s great. I do not doubt the intent of the candidates; however, there is only one person I know of running for Town Council who has been hands-on with actually helping local businesses, and that is Sunny Reynolds. I served with Sunny for years on the Board of Directors of the Warrenton Regional Chamber of Commerce (previously the Greater Warrenton Chamber of Commerce). Sunny’s knowledge of Warrenton is impressive. As a business owner herself, she is insightful, clearly sees the root of problems, and comes up with practical solutions. Sunny is one of the most honest people I have ever met. Experience matters. Integrity matters. Expertise matters. Local business matters, and for them, Sunny matters. The success of Warrenton is very much dependent on the success of local business, and for that, keeping Sunny on the Town Council is critical.

—Bert van Gils, The Van Gils Law Firm