The Issues

Sunny Reynolds is…


Sunny strives to be the voice for private tax-paying citizens and business owners of every demographic, especially those who are underserved.

Comprehensive Plan

Snow on St. Patrick’s Day

Without a well-thought-out Comprehensive Plan, we cannot have a vision for Warrenton’s future. The current plan has undergone only minor changes in the past 15 years. We need to determine community goals and aspirations using the latest data and sound fiscal analyses.

During her current term on Town Council, Sunny served on the Request for Proposal committee, offering forward-thinking ideas and polices that would ensure controlled, responsible growth and curtail the current approach of reactively dealing with special requests, all while keeping in mind the need to protect Warrenton’s small-town feel.

Business Community

Gateau Grand Opening

As a small business owner herself, Sunny understands firsthand the challenges and seeks ways to improve opportunities for existing businesses, such as promoting matching grants and tax benefits to help them succeed while encouraging incentives for new businesses, making it easier and faster to open here.

Early in her current term, she spearheaded efforts to return the Economic Development Department to Warrenton in support of Town businesses and took the lead on examining the Business, Professional & Occupational Licenses (BPOL) tax rate.

In addition, Sunny serves on the board of Experience Old Town Warrenton, which promotes Old Town businesses and leisure activities, including First Fr!days, GumDrop Square, and more. She took the lead in acquiring funding for the LOVE sculpture that will to be constructed and displayed in town, further attracting tourists.

Other Concerns include addressing the lack of affordable housing in Warrenton, increasing support for a zoning review, and improving the Town’s support of our nonprofit organizations.


Sunny isn’t interested in being a figurehead. If there’s an issue to be discussed, she’s often the first to cut to the chase, jumping into the real work that’s involved in addressing the matter at hand.


Utility Rehabilitation

Warrenton’s water and sewer systems are suffering from neglect. During her current term, Sunny chaired the Public Works & Utilities Committee which called for an analysis of the water system to be performed, leading to ongoing infrastructure upgrades. In addition, she championed early efforts for the Town to conduct a solar panel study, seeking ways to modernize its power consumption.

Furthermore, the Town re-established an enterprise fund to ensure that water and sewer pays for itself rather than being subsidized by the general tax revenue.

Public Safety

Introduction of New Town Police Officers

Keeping citizens safe should always be a priority. Early in her current term, Sunny used her seat on the Public Safety Committee to push for more Town funding for the Fire Department, and she regularly supports requests from the Warrenton Police Department.

Other Concerns include making headway on other infrastructure revitalization efforts, including Broadview improvements, and continued collaboration with other entities on widespread issues such as the opioid crisis.


“Never spend your money before you have it.” Wise words from Thomas Jefferson, and Sunny agrees.

Balanced Budget

Sunny supports balancing the Town budget, and several steps have been taken toward that goal. Enterprise funds were reestablished, and water/sewer rates were adjusted to offset the losses sustained from Town-subsidized bills. Sunny continues to focus on balancing the tax burden between citizens and businesses while tamping down on spending for unnecessary additional expenditures.

Modernization Efforts

The Town has recently replaced outdated equipment and systems, filled understaffed positions, and replaced public works and police vehicles. Ongoing technology improvements allow for live streaming of Town Council, Planning Commission, and Architectural Review Board meetings.