Sunny is a great supporter of the arts here in Warrenton, especially when it involves our children. She is an asset to our community, as she cares about what is important for our town.

Marisa Pappas
Art teacher, Warrenton Middle School

Thank you for your years on the Town Council. I believe you make decisions based on your principals, not political pressure, and that regardless of your vote, you cast yours based on what you sincerely believe to be best for the Town.

Tyler Ross
Owner, Ross Real Estate

I have witnessed your integrity and dedication to your work and marvel at how you handle it all. You takes this work seriously and are always open to communicate in trying to make Warrenton a wonderful place to live.

Renee Yount
Warrenton resident and owner, Renee’s Goumet

My work with Sunny through the Boys & Girls Club has shown me her commitment to serving all Warrenton citizens in the most positive and strategically thoughtful of ways. Passionate about creating conditions for economic and cultural success and sustainability for the Town and its citizens, Sunny understands the value of collaboration and the importance of planning beyond a four-year term.

Lynne Richman Bell
Executive Director, Boys & Girls Club of Fauquier

I have known Sunny Reynolds for almost 10 years, and she is completely committed to our community. I have seen her passion and care for local businesses and residents. She listens, and she leads. Warrenton is a significantly better community because of her efforts.

Brian Roeder
Owner, Barrel Oak Winery & Farm Taphouse

As a public school art teacher, I support Sunny Reynolds for her re-election to the Warrenton Town Council. Sunny is a strong leader in our community and shows great support for the arts!

Jess Beach
Art Educator, Brumfield Elementary School

I know Sunny believes that small local businesses are the driving force behind creating jobs and the best solution for the continuing support of our nonprofits. Please join me and vote for Sunny Reynolds on May 1, 2018. (more…)

Jimmy Rankin

Sunny is so hands-on and personal. It is quite unusual to hear of town representatives taking the time to make home visits at times other than election years. And she doesn’t stop there; she works to get results! Her down-to-earth nature is such a breath of fresh air in today’s political environment. (more…)

Robyn and John Thompson
Lifelong Warrenton residents

As long as I have known Sunny Reynolds, she has always been a huge supporter of small businesses in the Town of Warrenton. On several occasions, I have contacted Sunny with questions or concerns, and she immediately responds with a phone call or a face-to-face meeting, ready to discuss the issue. I feel Sunny is a real asset to Warrenton’s Town Council and will most certainly get my vote in the upcoming election.

Claire Lamborne
Warrenton resident and owner, Claire’s at the Depot

I enjoy working with Sunny on the Town Council. As Vice Mayor, Sunny has shown solid leadership and willingness to engage with her colleagues to find common ground. She is passionate about the Town and works tirelessly to understand the challenges it faces and to seek creative solutions to meet those challenges.

Kevin Carter
Ward 5 Town Council Member

Sunny is one of the most honest people I have ever met. Experience matters. Integrity matters. Expertise matters. Local business matters, and for them, Sunny matters. The success of Warrenton is very much dependent on the success of local business, and for that, keeping Sunny on the Town Council is critical. (more…)

Bert van Gils
The Van Gils Law Firm

Ms. Reynolds deserves all the votes she can get because she is a wonderful person. My family and I had a house fire two years ago, and with the help of the Red Cross and Ms. Reynolds, we were able to get clothes and a place to stay. And she didn’t give up. Ms. Reynolds showed up other times with gift cards and money to help out with household items, etc. We will always love her for this, and she will have all our votes.

Deloris Yates
Longtime Warrenton resident

I have worked with and for Sunny Reynolds in various capacities over the last six years and found her to be incredibly dedicated to the citizens of Warrenton. She has worked tirelessly to promote their businesses and enhance their quality of life in countless ways, (more…)

Whitney Petrilli
Longtime Fauquier County resident

I have worked alongside Sunny Reynolds for almost four years on the Town Council. She serves on the Public Safety and Transportation Safety Committee, which I chair. She cares deeply about and supports public safety (police and fire departments). Her insights and contributions are always on point and appreciated.

Bob Kravetz
Ward 4 Town Council Member

I have served on the Warrenton Town Council with Vice Mayor Reynolds (Sunny) for four years. I know she is very aware that the money the Town spends is taxpayer money, and this is always a consideration when making a financial comment on behalf of the Town.

Jerry Wood
Ward 1 Town Council Member

Over the past several years, I’ve had the pleasure of serving on the Greater Warrenton Chamber and Experience Old Town Warrenton boards and countless committees with Sunny and have been impressed with her passion for our community. (more…)

Amelia Stansell
Warrenton resident

Sunny never falls short of offering constructive new and out-of-the-box ideas to address the challenges the town and county face. She has been highly successful in implementing ideas that work well within budget constraints and from a commonsense perspective. There is much to do, and nobody will work harder or smarter to achieve strategic objectives than Sunny! (Read more…)

Dennis A. Taylor
Catlett resident

Like numerous Warrenton residents and business owners, I appreciate and am thankful for Sunny’s ability to prioritize the issues and remain diligent in addressing each with a focus on always doing what is best for both the current and future state of our beloved town. (Read more…)

Alec Burnett
Warrenton Town Council, Ward 2

“Having known Sunny for many years, it was a great pleasure seeing her as a coalition member in the crowd at the last Latino Coalition presentation. Her presence there shows her continuing dedication to building a better community for everyone in the Town of Warrenton. She offers a great boost to the mission of building a community that respects persons no matter their heritage or country of origin.”

Scott C. Hook

Sunny listens, discusses, and interjects from the heart, not the wallet. She is tenacious and doesn’t hide when the going gets tough! (Read more…)

Bob Grouge
General Manager, Barrel Oak Winery

Local votes matter, especially in your Town Council. What they decide to do really affects you and the lovely town of Warrenton. That is why I am thrilled to endorse Sunny Reynolds for Warrenton Town Council. Sunny is one of us, part of the grassroots. She is a progressive and the only woman on the Town Council. Sunny will listen and do what is right for the people of Warrenton. On May 1, it is really important to vote for Sunny for a Voice!

Marilyn Karp
Community activist

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