Former Councilman Yakir Lubowsky’s Letter

Dear Warrenton Friends and Neighbors,
Please consider this letter before voting tomorrow in the town election.
And, if you agree with my views, kindly pass this along to your mailing list of other folks who live in Warrenton proper… 

They may not all know that I am a former Warrenton town councilman (Ward 3, 2010-2016), or that I have been very civically involved for most of 20 years, so I will add a short bio at the end.  

I would like them to know that I am working hard to help elect Sean Polster and Renard Carlos, two able and honest young leaders to take the town into its next generation. 

And I am also, specifically, urging folks to remove Linda “Sunny” Reynolds from the Warrenton town council through this election.

The distortions of reality in a few fawning characterizations of Sunny Reynolds in the local press are truly alarming.

Here is a candid report, from hard experience as Sunny’s colleague during my final two years on the council, and from quietly observing her over the past two years:
At the core, and for nearly the entire time, Sunny has been the persistent source of most of council’s dysfunction.Moreover, she has placed her need to have influence in all things, and to benefit her circle of friends (mostly in the real estate business), ahead of the interests of citizens.


–Sunny has been a magnet for conflicts of interest, acting officially on applications of those with whom she has business relationships, whether for her photography or her travel company or otherwise;

–Sunny has been a bully, calling at all hours, and browbeating especially her other elderly colleagues into submission, as two of them lamented to me, on votes important to her (and to her friends);

–Sunny has been disrespectful of constituents, as is widely observed (folks should read Bob Bowman’s representative letter in last Wednesday’s Fauquier Times);

–Sunny has sought paramount power, leading the effort (thankfully unsuccessful) to fire the new town manager — by all accounts a good and capable professional, in the job less than 2 years – for apparently not being sufficiently obedient to her;

–Sunny has taken credit for things she has not accomplished, for example bringing the brewery and Marshall’s to town; and restoring the town water price structure to profitability (that was actually my final initiative on council, after our consultant’s report showed we were losing money on every gallon…and Sunny opposed the utility committee’s plan for rapid cost recovery);

–Sunny has accepted no blame for her failures, the greatest of which is a town full of dark storefronts; when she ran four years ago, it was as the business development candidate of the chamber of commerce… yet Main Street is literally failing, and Sunny has no plan;

–Worst of all, Sunny has advocated maximal developments, but obtained little or nothing in return to benefit the town.

     –In one case, the American Legion Assisted Living facility, 60 units was shown to be the maximum appropriate number, and neighbors (including the beloved horseshow grounds) expressed grave concerns over the project size. Yet Sunny, seated directly along side the developer at the key planning session, barked at me, “we will not accept one unit less than 120 !”, and became quiet only after I asked her who the “we” in that sentence was.

     –It was more of the same on Walker Drive, where a too large project (rejected 6-1 by the planning commission) raised major anxiety among neighbors whom Sunny ignored, as she led the council to approve it with no economic analysis, nor adequate traffic mitigation, nor even an enforceable promise that there will be a movie house, bowling alley, or any entertainment options at all… so much for the “date night” argument made by one of Sunny’s supporters last Wednesday.

These potential developments weren’t bad ideas, rather they were projects that needed shaping to become beneficial to the town, but that didn’t happen.

This was Sunny’s worst betrayal of her constituents and, as so often the case, the applicants and/or their counsel are friends of hers. Please note they are the same folks who show up now in Sunny’s current financial disclosure as funding her campaign.

A suggestion: no matter whom folks choose for mayor, they will want Sean Polster and Renard Carlos there supporting him/her with positive energy and ideas — not Sunny undermining the new town leader for her own purposes, as she undermined Powell from the start (anyone wondering why the Mayor, a good man, is retiring after one term?). Not everyone knows that, like me, Powell has also endorsed Sean and Renard,  (see Sean’s or Powell’s social media for the recent announcement).

Sean and Renard have been called honest and earnest… a good description. (Sean was an excellent colleague, in all the ways Sunny was not.)  

Vote these good guys in, and Sunny out. Let’s get it right this time, for the sake of Warrenton’s future. 

 Thanks, Yak
 Yakir Lubowsky, a former Wall Street lawyer, is a business and legal strategist and engineering technology entrepreneur. He  is also a former town councilman, representative to the town planning commission and ARB; member in the past 20 years of over a dozen civic boards; last chair of the county’s Business Advisory Council; current president of the Fauquier Historical Society; Chairman’s Advisory Council member at the Land Trust of Virginia; co-founder of the Balanced Growth Alliance; and former president of the CFFC, among other positions. He was twice Fauquier Citizen of the Year (Center District), in 2004 and 2013